Thursday, June 13, 2013

Assignment Three: PieMe Social Media Marketing Strategy

This week’s homework assignment was fun to work on. We were assigned to create a social media marketing campaign for a pretend business of our choice. The assignment requires that we state the campaign’s objective, describe the promotion strategy, explain which tools we will use in the campaign, and project what results we would expect to receive through this campaign. Then, after the campaign is developed (theoretically), we must create four social media guidelines (an internal policy so-to-speak) that our business would follow.  With that brief explanation, here’s the meat of homework assignment three:

Business name: PieMe.
Business description: PieMe is a food delivery business providing hot, fresh, pot pie-like meals of multiple varieties to customers within 15-20 minutes of placing an order. PieMe is a quick way to have a delicious lunch or dinner on the go without any of the hassle of cooking or cleaning up. PieMe would cater mostly to college students at Georgetown University, where the first store would be built, and in time would branch out and serve students and others near American University, George Washington University, and George Mason University, respectively.
Social Media Marketing Campaign Objective: “Achieve 25% awareness of PieMe among the Georgetown Student Population within 4 months of opening.”
Promotion Strategy: PieMe will give away one free mini pie (1/2 the size of a normal pie) to any student who comes to the PieMe Store, or one of its three publicity booths on campus and shows the employee that they have downloaded the free PieMe ordering app from iTunes. Individuals will receive a second mini pie for free if they follow PieMe on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, take a picture of the pie or storefront, and use the hashtag #PieMe to encourage friends to download the app. PieMe will also purchase ads on Facebook and buy promoted tweets on Twitter. PieMe will also snap and post pictures of “campus celebrity endorsers” (basketball players, etc.) eating or ordering a pie. Furthermore, PieMe will send out promotional tweets providing a promo code and giving away a free pie to the first 25 people who download the app and use that promo code to buy a pie.
Tools: iTunes App, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrist. Orders will be taken only in person OR through the PieMe app. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be used primarily to drive individuals to download the app and start buying pies!
Results Expected: After four months, it is expected that 25% of the Georgetown student body (or 3,700 students) will have heard about PieMe. It is anticipated that within the first four months, the PieMe app will have 2,000 downloads, and roughly 2000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media Guidelines: Employees of PieMe shall (1) Be transparent, have fun, and connect widely; (2) Not engage in inflammatory or inappropriate discussions about competitors, (3) Not disclose business financial information, and (4) Use real profiles, not fake profiles.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Assignment Two: Influencers, Video Campaigns, and Personal Social Media Dashboard

For this week's assignment, I must complete three separate tasks: (1) Search for 5 Influencers (well known or influential people) in an industry of my choice, select a social media tool to use for metrics, and rank them; (2) Search for a video campaign, write a blurb about how I found it, how many views the video has on YouTube, and how many times it is/was mentioned in the news; and (3) Create a personal "Social Graph Dashboard" of my personal social media identity.

And so, for your viewing pleasure, may I present :Assignment Two":

Part I:

I selected the restaurant industry, specifically in Washington, D.C. The idea here is for me to think, "Okay, if I were starting my own restaurant, who would I want to mention me positively in social media? Who are the influential people in this industry I need/want to target and get on my side and help me out by voicing support of my venture?" Using Twitter as my search and metric tool, I found five "Influencers" who I would target. Here is their rank and follower count:

1. Jamie Oliver: 3,329,624
2. Jose Andres: 188,237
3. Carla Hall: 58,826
4. Spike Mendelsohn: 40,107
5. Mike Isabella: 28,166

Part II:

For this part of the assignment, I selected K-Mart's new "Ship My Pants" video campaign. This commercial was originally intended to be a simple viral video campaign, but it became so popular the store began airing it on television too. I initially came across this commercial via my brother's Facebook page. (Props again to social media!). On 6/5/2013 K-Mart's "Ship My Pants" video campaign had 18,302,838 views on YouTube, and (using a Google News Search) had 552 stories written about it! Not bad for a viral video campaign from a company not known for their edgy/memorable advertising. Two thumbs up K-Mart! You make me want to run down to your store and ship my pants!

Part III:

Here is my personal "Social Graph Dashboard". This only lists the results of my profiles from my top five favorite social media sites:

Facebook: 1,240
Instagram: 286
Twitter: 224
LinkedIn: 208
Google+: 23

As you can see, I don't use Google+ plus that much... actually... who does?  I LOVE twitter quite a bit. I use it more than any other social media site and I believe it is the best social media tool for my personal purposes.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ben & Jerry's Social Media Presense (Class Assignment One)

I'm presently enrolled in the Digital Media Management graduate certificate program at Georgetown University. In one of my classes, Understanding New Media Platforms, Applications, and Techniques, I was required to (1) create a personal blog, (2) choose any topic to research, (3) use any search tool/engine to locate the twenty most recent posts about the chosen topic, and (4) report, in percentages, on the positive, neutral, or negative nature of the search results.

Check. Check. And Check! After creating my personal blog ( and choosing a topic (Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream), I used the "Google Blog Search" feature to identify the twenty most recent posts about the famous ice cream company. My findings follow:

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Top 20 Most Recent Blog Posts (Searched Google Blogs)
Positive (+)
Negative (-)

Not bad reviews, eh? I wonder what I would find if I Googled my own name... I'll be right back...